Weight : Eat Your Greens!

We all know that green leafy vegetables are packed with nutrients that support good health and protect against disease. New research suggests that effective weight loss may be as simple as increasing the amount of these nutritional powerhouses in your diet. Leafy greens contain compounds known as thylakoids that trigger satiety signals in humans to help regulate food intake, prevent weight gain, and promote weight loss.

To investigate the impact of green leafy vegetables on reducing hunger and promoting a feeling of fullness, researchers gave 38 women either a supplemental spinach extract or a placebo once daily before breakfast for 12 weeks. Participants were instructed to follow a three-meal plan with no snacking between meals and to increase their physical activity.

The results? Those who received the spinach extract lost significantly more body weight than people taking the placebo. The spinach extract also reduced total and LDL cholesterol. On days 1 and 90, researchers also noted that the spinach extract decreased the urge for chocolate and sweets compared to the control group.

Although this study used a spinach extract, eating green leafy vegetables would have the same effect. Many plant compounds have been shown to have a positive effect on enzymes, compounds that regulate appetite, insulin sensitivity, and hormones involved in weight control. And eating more veggies has been shown to lead to healthier food choices overall.

Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables -- especially leafy greens -- in your family's diet today to encourage wellness and support healthy weight.
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