Weight Management : Don't Let That Belly Turn Into Jelly!

By Janet Angel, PhD

Getting into shape after the holidays may seem a losing battle – but you can do it! You can burn more calories, feel better and look great by making new and better choices in the foods you eat, what you drink and the activities you enjoy.

In order to experience a higher degree of success you need to set realistic goals. Don’t say that you are going to be at the gym for two hours every morning before work if you haven’t worked out in years. Start by making a list of activities you will enjoy and put them on a calendar success chart – like you did for your children when they were small. If you like to see gold stars after you have completed a physical activity reward yourself with one; sometimes seeing a simple gold/red/blue star on the calendar is enough to spur you to repeat the positive activity.

Here is an example of a Success Calendar:

Day 1: Walk for 10 minutes before breakfast: Jump rope for five minutes before dinner: Use Stretch bands to work legs while watching TV tonight. Try a poached egg with flourless bread such as Ezekiel 4:9. Eat a salad with chicken or salmon tonight.
Day 2: Walk for 15 minutes before breakfast: Jump on rebounder or mini-trampoline or a couch pillow for five minutes before dinner: Do 20 jumping jacks while watching TV tonight. Eat two pieces of fruit and drink Green Tea
Day 3: Walk for 20 minutes before breakfast: Use stretch bands for five minutes after work: Take a walk after dinner – 15 minutes. Eat cut up veggies and low fat dressing between breakfast and lunch. Drink Green Tea between lunch and dinner.
Day 4: Carry 5lb weights while walking before breakfast 10 minutes: Run in place for 3 minutes before dinner: Air Box while watching TV for five minutes…rest…repeat. Eat fish tonight and steamed veggies. Drink natural diet soda – Stevia as a sweetener instead of regular.
Day 5: Walk with 5 lb weights for 15 minutes before breakfast: Take deep breaths (Yoga) while stretching for 10 minutes before dinner: While sitting use stretch bands to strengthen arms 10 minutes. Eat oatmeal and fresh berries for breakfast.

You get the idea. Work up to a total daily activity level of one hour – no matter what the activity and try healthier food choices! You can accumulate points by spreading your activities throughout the day – it is less stressful and more fun. If you can get to the gym - you can rotate exercises from machine to machine – working legs, abdomen, back, arms, shoulders, etc….and HEART on that treadmill or elliptical machine. Remember to DANCE…put on your favorite upbeat music and watch how long you can dance before you get tired.

Also, remember all of the calisthenics you did in gym class? Those still work! Strengthening your core, or abdominal muscles, is critical to staying strong and healthy. Pilates is also wonderful, as is swimming, biking, ballet, tennis, golfing, gymnastics, bowling, soccer, basketball, skating, baseball, skiing, hiking and other fun sports. A mix of indoor/outdoor sports is wise. While outdoors be sure that you breathe deeply and get oxygen flowing through your veins.

Remember that feeling hunger pangs is okay. Say that to yourself. For better health, we really shouldn’t eat unless we are hungry for the plainest of foods. Often people think they are hungry when the body is really just craving water. So be sure to hydrate yourself by drinking smaller increments of water throughout your day – away from meals. Try to include electrolytes in your water once each day to replace micro nutrients lost through respiration, perspiration and metabolism in general. Energy replacement products like Emergen-C Packets are good and a better choice than those filled with sugars to insure that you have plenty of minerals available like magnesium and potassium, vitamins C and B complex.

Include a multi-vitamin/ multi-mineral supplement, eat more fresh foods. Shop the rim in the grocery store more often and stay away from processed foods, preserved foods, and foods that are filled with white flour and sugar. Avoid too much diet soda and alcohol. Moderation is always the key; it is the negative choices we make daily that deteriorate our health.

No matter who you are, whatever your age, your job, your level of activity, your size, and anything else that you think makes you uniquely you, there is something that all living beings need in their bodies to stay well and live a longer healthier life…and that my friends is ENZYMES! Enzymes are the keys that unlock the doors to increasing nutrient absorption so that you will have better digestion, stamina, a healthier immune system, stronger muscles, bones, better eyesight, more beautiful skin, better functioning organs and internal systems, and maintain a healthy weight. Enzymes are produced by the human body but with age, illness, injury, eating too many processed foods, and cooked foods, you may not have all that is needed for your body to complete its daily chores of metabolism.

To “up” your wellness plan after the holidays include a plant-based digestive enzyme formula with each meal. And for those that need a little extra support in facilitating recovery take these enzymes between meals as well. Enzymes rich in proteases taken between meals will be used for anti-inflammatory responses and to get nutrients moving to areas of the body needing help. To get the most from your meals and to feel better faster take AbsorbAid® Platinum! This fast acting formula goes to work immediately to help you digest all of the foods you consume. It contains 12 enzymes and 2 acid-stable probiotics to help you derive more from every bite of food! This is a safe 100% plant-based food formula suitable even for Vegans.

For the next ten days on your calendar…add AbsorbAid® Platinum to your day. By the end of the month you will notice a boost in energy and better digestion!
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